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Catherine M. Hall
- ??

An obituary for a Catherine Mary Hall was found but we cannot confirm this was our member. The only reason we think this might be our member is that she was buried at Eternal Hills Cemetary in Oceanside. Another factor is this person was almost 100 years old and our member had joined NARFE in 1980.

If Catherine Mary Hall was our member, she was born on 3-22-1913 and died on 1-14-2014.

Catherine M. Hall joined NARFE on 7-1-1980 and have been a member of Chapter 706 since then. She was a "National Only" NARFE member (a discontinued membership class) and was not paying chapter dues. She lived on Vista Campana (Oceana) until late 2009 when she moved to Corona. At the time of her death, her address was in Corona CA.